Welcome For Immortal Rose

Immortal Rose offers a complete design and Project Management solution for Commercial and Residential Projects for both local and international business partners.
Immortal Rose’s mission is to offer a very Creative, Innovative and Valuable Design standard with the collaboration and the professional understanding of an in house team of passionate Architects, Project Managers, Animators, Landscapers and Project Planners combined all together throughout the experience of building for the future .

Lighting Design :
Our lighting designers provide for each interior design concept the perfect lighting design, resulting in the perfect lighting mood & feel required for each concept.

Detail Design :
Our team of AutoCAD designers use the latest technology available to convert concepts into technical drawings in a timely fashion, providing the client with the highest quality 3D renderings.

Conceptual Design :
Our talented architects and designers work hand in hand with clients to create and deliver unique concepts aligned with the overall vision.


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